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Will has lots of favorite books. He has probably loved books since he was about a year old maybe? We would read to him a ton before then, but his interest really took off around 12 months. Now he picks out a book almost every time we go in the car. Usually he'll "read" it for at least 10 minutes or so while in his carseat. He also "reads" every morning for almost an hour during his quiet time (what used to be the morning nap).

Probably his most favorite book would be his leap pad. The books are interactive and he has learned lots of new words through the books that go in his leap pad. These are actually hard to find now, but he loves touching the pictures to hear the sounds or words that they make. It's great too, because the books are made of some kind of paper that is literally indestructible! He can't tear the pages! (He can remove the cartridge and lose it though. :)

Instead of listing out all the rest of Will's favorite books, I thought I would post a resource that I discovered a few months ago. Play on Words is a website that I discovered through a friend's blog. The woman behind the site is a speech-language pathologist and the site is full of GREAT information. The links on the top left of the site for reviews, blog and articles are really helpful. She gives lots of great recommendations for books and toys that stimulate language in kids of all ages.

After being slightly worried about Will's language from months 15-18, I was very encouraged with the information I read on her site. I would highly recommend perusing the site for some great perspective on language development!


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Hi Christina,

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