What I love about being a mommy. . .

Posted by  | Thursday, February 21, 2008  at 1:38 PM  

I've never experienced joy as deep as I have in being a mother. It has deepened my relationship with the Lord so much, grown my love and adoration for my husband, and allowed my to see the world through much more colorful hues. Here are some of the reasons I love being a mommy. . .

I can try new food with my daugther or share a meal with her

We can feed elephants together and find such joy in all the amazing animals God made!

I get to watch her discover new things for the first time and experience her world with her

She falls asleep in my arms or in a sling as I carry her with me where ever I go

  • How she communicates with me - whether through words, jibberish (in an entire conversation she fully understands!) or sign language
  • She curls up in my lap and lets me read to her
  • She waves goodnight from her crib while reaching for her stuffed elephant to go to sleep
  • We play dress up together
  • We dance together
  • She smiles from ear to ear when I sing to her
  • She wants to watch everything I do - especially in the kitchen
  • She climbs up into my arms and gives me a kiss
  • She runs around and plays with a big smile and loud giggles and squeels
  • I can put her hair in pigtails
  • God teaches me about His amazing love for us through my little girl

Please continue sharing the reasons you love being a mom. What a fun and encouraging topic this week is!

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The Simple Shepherdess said...

Ahhh, I love your list! I'm almost in tears here. I'm dealing with a bit of postpartum depression and I think I'm going to have to head over to my own blog now and cook up my own list. I think that would be good for my heart right now. Thanks for sharing, it blessed me!

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