This Week in the Life of Samuel & Joel

Posted by  | Thursday, March 27, 2008  at 9:50 AM  
We have a new baby in the house! Things are definitely new and exciting this week as we all adjust to life as a family of four. I thought I would show you all a few snapshots from different times throughout our days this week:

8:00am Samuel and Daddy have finished breakfast and are playing with toys. Joel and Mommy are still sleeping!

10:00am Snack Time! Daddy helps Samuel with his snack while Mommy feeds Baby Joel.

12:00pm Lunch Time! Mommy feeds Samuel lunch while Daddy works in a snuggle with Joel.

3:00pm Daddy’s off to work. Mommy is now alone with both boys! This is the time when I indulge Samuel and let him watch videos on YouTube. He is actually stroking Joel’s hair very gently in this picture – so precious!

6:00pm Dinner Time! Mommy prays that Joel will keep sleeping while she tries to get Samuel fed. Samuel is at his silliest at this time of the day, so dinner can be interesting. What used to take 15 to 20 minutes now takes a good 30 minutes. He’ll keep eating, but is definitely silly and distracted through the whole ordeal. You can see in this picture that Samuel is holding his spoon in one hand and scooping up applesauce with the other!

7:00pm Ahhh, Samuel is in bed and Mommy has some down time with Joel. He is sound asleep after eating his dinner.

10:00pm Joel and Mommy head to bed. Daddy will be home in an hour or two to join us. Here is our current sleeping arrangement (Joel sleeps swaddled in a Swaddleme in the Boppy pillow between us).

Samuel’s biggest joys this week: Watching TV and DVDs (we don’t normally allow him to watch TV, but I’ve definitely let him watch more than his fair share this week as it allows me to nurse Joel and keep him content at the same time).
Samuel’s biggest troubles this week: Dealing with frustration. Samuel is 19 months old and doesn’t know what to do with himself when he gets upset. He will usually lay down on the floor and try to bite the nearest object. He is also crying/whining a lot more than usual.

Joel’s biggest joys this week: Eating and Sleeping.
Joe’s biggest troubles this week: Diaper Changes. The child never cries EXCEPT for when you go to change his diaper. The second he hears that Velcro coming off, he starts wailing and he doesn’t stop until the new diaper is securely fastened. Then he’s out again!


Shannon said...

He is super sweet! Makes me want a newborn again... almost! :)

Do you have family & friends there helping you out with meals???

Leah said...

My parents were here for a few days, and they are coming into town again this weekend. Our church family has filled in the gap with meals - a real blessing! Thanks for asking!

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