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I’ve read about how the 15th month of a child’s life is full of milestone after milestone, and it’s proven to be true thus far in Laney’s life. At 15.5 months, Laney is becoming quite the observant one. It’s as if the light bulb has just lit up!

-repeating so many words that we say (a lot of “b” words)
-picking up her toys (which helped so much in teaching her how to gather her Easter eggs)
-tries to put on blush just like Mama when Mama is sitting on the floor putting on make-up
-pretends to talk on the phone
-signs well without delay
-most of the time she obeys Mommy when I say, "come," "give Mommy," or "sit down." - hugs and kisses other kids on her own initiative
- kisses and rocks her baby dolls back and forth
-rides our dog Daisy like a pony (She'll walk up to her, squat down to her face and talk to her only two inches from Daisy's face. Then, she'll sidestep her way around to climbing on Daisy and riding her like a pony. We have the best dog!!)

- sitting on and in things

-could climb stairs all day
-LOVES to read

Story time:
We were in the bathroom stripping her clothes off, all the while running her bath water. I saw one of her foam letters that she plays with in the bathtub. She loves these letters, and this particular letter was the letter "O". She was fussy, so I handed her the red foam letter "O" to play with. A few minutes later, I dipped her in the tub, we played, and practiced picking up our bath toys and putting them in the toy net on the wall. I wrapped her up, dried her off, brushed her teeth, blew her hair dry, and we headed to her room down the chilly hallway to get her dressed. Laney knows that after her bath, "night-night" soon follows. I always turn on her instrumental music as we're getting ready for bed and really anytime she sleeps. Laney usually opens up the cd player, since it looks/functions just like a toy, so I'm always taking the cd from her so it doesn't scratch. We practice the "Give Mommy" with the cd. I opened the cd player and I started cracking up when I saw what was in the player. Laney had snuck in her room while I was getting her bath water ready and had placed the little foam "O" in the cd player, as if it was the cd that she sees in there all the time! She associated the shape of the "O" with a cd, since it's round and even has a circle in the middle! She placed it in the cd player and closed the cover. I thought that was so clever of her to pick up on the shapes! I loved it!


We just returned from a trip to the mountains. We had a blast, but not being in a home that's baby proofed was exhausting. I'm just thankful we had several couples with us to help watch her and Daisy. Here's us taking Daisy outside to use the bathroom. Notice the drop-off only feet away. Yikes!

Advice: Although Laney loves Daisy, she is deathly afraid of our neighbor’s dog's bark. When she hears Usher, even from inside the house, she comes a’ running, trying to climb my legs and having such a horrified look on her face! (Yes, our neighbor's dog's name is Usher. Ha!) I have no idea from where this fear came, because she's heard his bark all her little life. This fear is interrupting her self-soothing when she naps and goes to bed at night. If Usher is barking, she will cry so hard, and only a Mama knows what that fearful cry sounds like. I always go in and calm her down, but how do I get her to overcome this? Any advice? Is this just a stage she's going through? (She's also pretty sick right now, so she needs cuddles.)

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The Hudgins said...

our neighbors dogs bark terribly and constantly. jordan sleeps with a white noise machine to drown them out. what about a floor fan that makes a bit of noise or something?
just a thought.

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