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Since this week is a bit of an Cloth Diapering update from the authors, I wanted to chime in with where we are with cloth. Well, we're not. :) As most of you know, I got really sick this past summer. We went off the cloth right before we went on vacation in July and haven't been back. The break is due to a few factors: I was sick and not doing a lot around the house, we had family in taking care of Joel while I was in the hospital (for two two-week stretches), and I gave all of my cloth diapers out on loan! I gave my infant sized diapers to a friend who had twins a few months ago and I gave my bigger diapers to a friend who just brought home her son from Korea and was considering cloth.

As a side note, if you know someone who cloth diapers and are interested in trying it, I would suggest asking them if you could borrow a few to try it out. I'm pretty sure I gave a few of my Bum Genius diapers to my friend Meagan when she was considering it. It's nice to have a go with them without any financial investment.

Anyways, my friend decided not to use cloth but I haven't gotten the diapers back yet. I'm going to try to potty train Joel at the end of the month, so I'm on the fence as to whether or not to go cloth for the month of March. We have disposables to get us through, but I'm thinking maybe it would be good for him to have a month of wet diaper on him so that he's more anxious to potty train. But he's also been out of them for 6 months and I don't know how he would feel about going back to the bulkier cloth diaper. I'm leaning towards just staying the path with the disposables and seeing how the potty training goes.

Oh, one comment here. I know one of the reasons given to use cloth is that your child will potty train sooner. I will say that Samuel wore cloth from 4 months until he potty trained at 2 years, 2 months (pretty early, especially for a boy). I'll be interested to see what happens with Joel since he has had a much more sporadic cloth diapering experience. I'm attempting early again (just two weeks after his 2nd birthday) so I don't have super high hopes! But maybe he'll surprise me!

So, that's my cloth diapering update. If you want to read my cloth diapering history, check out my posts here here and here.


Brandy said...

just to comment as you consider doing disposables and then potty training. My son potty trained at 2 yrs 4 mths and had never wore cloth.

Every child and potty training circumstance is different. I'm about to potty train my 3rd and see that very much.

good luck

Terra Jones said...

My oldest was SUPER interested in using the potty at 16 months (but I was 8.5 months pregnant and had no desire to do that, lol) -- we're now working on it (his desire, not our forcing) at almost 3 (in April) - he's been scared of the potty for the past 18 months.

My youngest is now 18 months and SUPER interested, so we're going to be introducing him over the next few weeks too...why not spend my entire day in the bathroom? lol :)

But I too have heard that cloth makes them train earlier, but, I'm not a believer, lol

Shannon Bradley said...

Luke and David never wore cloth. Luke started training at 18 mo and had it down before he was 2! David all but begs, and has successful results when he asks, but I havent buckled down and stuck with it. He will be 2 on Monday!! I think each child is just so different, so cloth or not maybe he will do just fine! :)

Christina said...

Well, our first potty training experience did not prove the cloth/early training theory at all. :) Will was cloth from 8 months to 2.5 when we first started potty training. DISASTER. After a month of torture we went back to diapers (not cloth - I had already sold it all or passed it on to his sister!) It wasn't until our second attempt at 3 that we were successful, but even then it was a long road.

Adeline has been in cloth from about week 5, so we'll see if she's any earlier or easier. (Even then, how much is because she is a second child and wants to do EVERYTHING her brother does??)

But after Will - I'm not convinced of the connection between the two either. :)

Terra Jones said...

Christina - I'm thinking with a second (3rd, etc...) child, it definitely has more to do w/ the older sibling. Benjamin has been in cloth since day 4 and has had MANY successes on the potty (he is 18.5 months) but I think it's b/c of his big brother. Now that we're actively in the pottying stage with stage with our first, Benjamin is ALWAYS saying "Potty?!" before he poops in his diaper (sorry for the potty talk ;-) -- I've never said poop and pee so much in my life as I have this past week, LOL) He always comes in the bathroom when Keaton is going and wants to go too...because of cloth or because of big brother or just an early learner? Or all 3? Who knows! :)

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