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I laughed when I read Leah's post, because we have many of the same favorites! And in less than a month, I'll be experiencing the newborn stage again, so I'm sure I'll have other ideas to share. But for now, here are the things that I would HATE to be without the first few months with a newborn. (I apologize that the first 3 are similar to Leah's, but they are so important that they are worth repeating :) Please comment and share your favorites as well! I'm eager to try them out in the next month when our new baby comes!

1. Nursing tank tops -- I know Leah mentioned these, but I seriously wear them almost every day when nursing. In the winter, they make great layers under sweaters so my back isn't exposed when nursing, and in the summer, I wear them around the house by themselves. Target has the best prices by far, and if you look online you will find more color options and sometimes great sale prices. Cotton Babies has really nice ones that are more pricey, but they are currently on sale (with free shipping!) for about the same price as Target's.

2. Some kind of baby carrier -- Oh, how I love wearing my baby! I love the moby-style wrap or the ring sling for newborns. They are expensive to buy, but I have successfully made each of them myself for about ten dollars each. And I really don't do much with material, so please know that anyone could make them! They don't even require sewing! Here are the links again for instructions on making both of them: Ring Sling and Moby-style Wrap.

3. A Swaddle -- Both of my babies LOVED the swaddle! I will never forget our first night home with my first baby -- she was such a happy, content baby until I laid her in the crib... then she screamed and screamed. But the minute I put that swaddle on her, she was so happy and allowed me to lay her down and go to sleep! My girls just loved being snuggled up tight! We have used the Swaddle Me brand in the past, but after two babies, the velcro is slipping. I've read great things about the Miracle Blanket, so we are going to try that with our new one.

4. Nursing pads -- I've tried lots of brands and definitely like the Johnson brand the best. When at home, I use Cotton Babies' re-usable hemp nursing pads. They are definitely a money-saver in the long run!

5. Unrefined Coconut oil -- CO is good for so many things! I use it instead of lanolin cream on sore nipples, for moisturizing newborn skin, and as a diaper cream. It is antifungal, antibacterial, completely natural, and I love the smell! And it is actually good for my baby if she decides to chew on those cute fingers or toes :)

6. Nursing cover -- A must-have in the hospital so that I don't have to chase the grandfathers and other visitors away whenever the baby is hungry! I also use mine at church regularly. I was never talented enough to position a blanket correctly and keep myself covered well in public :) But the nursing cover stays right in place and allows me to peek at my baby while she eats. The cute ones can be pricey, but I found mine at a great consignment sale for about 2 dollars. A consignment sale is a great place to find baby carriers as well!


Rachael Davis said...

You are going to LOVE your Miracle Blanket....we have used ours for both our babies and couldn't love it more! Have you seen a Woombie? That looks easier than a Miracle Blanket (and sooooo adorable!), and they sell them on and from time to time. It does appear that they are "sized," though.

Meg said...

No, I've never seen a Woombie, but it sounds neat. I'm off to look at it on Amazon :)

Laura said...

One thing that we loved when our boys were infants was a called a piddle pad, by Summer Infant. Our boys were prone to having blow outs whenever they were in their carseats. Whenever they had an accident we could just throw that into the wash instead of having to take the carseat apart.

Also, you can never have enough burp cloths!! My second had horrible reflux and spit up dozens of times each day. We would go through a ton of these each day. We found out that the cloth diaper burp cloths worked a lot better than flannel or terry cloth.

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