Fuzzi Bunz Deal!

Posted by  | Tuesday, August 16, 2011  at 9:07 PM  

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So, let's be honest here. Anna has worn very few cloth diapers in her short little life. Every time I feel like getting in the groove, something throws me off! It is hard to find time for laundry with three. I'm not giving up yet and I'm considering revamping our stash. 

It seems that its MUCH easier for me to rely on pocket diapers such as FuzziBunz or BumGenius. I still love both, but don't have enough of them to use pockets as my main diaper. Previously, I'd used prefolds as the bulk of our stash, but they are a little more difficult to put on and be out and about with. 

When I heard about this GREAT DEAL offered by FuzziBunz, I decided it was time to sell a few diapers in order to get some more of my beloved FuzziBunz! The deal is that you get two totally free diapers when you buy 6. One is a solid and one is a never-before-seen-print! 

You can get a six pack of Fuzzi Bunz at Cotton Babies in either the "perfect size" (small, medium, etc.) or the new "one size." Economy shipping is free on any order at Cotton Babies. I've never tried the one size diapers, but you can use your two free diapers to try them out! The free deal is offered in either a size medium or one size!

And if you want to sell your diapers to fund new ones, Craigslist is an easy option if you don't want to ship them. I've also used Diaperswappers for a long time now and never had a negative experience. 

Is anyone else struggling with staying motivated to use cloth? Or am I the only one!? I hate purchasing disposables when I KNOW I have plenty of cloth in our drawers....so here's to sticking with cloth for the third time around!


Jennifer S said...

I have plenty of pocket diapers but the deal makes me want to buy more :) I just wish fuzzibunz had a microsuede option instead of fleece.

Leah F said...

I am often unmotivated with the third as well! Though I would be the first to tell you that I have never been a 100% cloth diaper user--my best 'average' has been about 80%. With E, I think I am doing well to average using cloth 50% of the time! So you are not alone. It is just a hassle, though I love the rewards of cloth (saving money, using fabric on their sensitive bottoms, etc). Praying you are able to pull through, my friend!

Meg said...

I'm much like Leah F -- about 80% is all I do now that I have 3 :) I usually cloth when I am at home and use disposables when out and about just for simplicity's sake. I wish I had some money saved up for new diapers to get this deal because Fuzzibunz are my favorite!

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