Random favorites of this week:

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Here are some things my girls have been enjoying this week. Feel free to share your favorites as well!

1. Sequence Letters -- my husband and I have long enjoyed the simple game of sequence, but my girls received the letter version for Christmas and it is great! Even Karlie can do it easily.

2. Water table, sprinkler, and "painting" the deck with water. (Yay for warm weather!) If you don't have a water table, search the spring consignment sales til you find one you can afford. My girls have been using ours on our deck every single day. I've been barricading the steps to our deck with our toy box so that Abbi cannot fall down, and letting them play out there together while I make dinner and do dishes every afternoon. It has made dinner prep time so much easier! I let them have plastic dishes and cups and paintbrushes and they have a blast making "soup" and "tea" and "ice cream" and painting everything with water and getting wonderfully soaked.

3. A random, simple bag of plain stones -- I picked one up at the dollar store to do a craft I had seen on Pinterest, but the girls begged me to let them have it. They pretend that the stones are all kinds of things and I have been amazed at how they have played with them over and over again. Even Abbi has done a great job of not eating them and she will sit and put them in ice cube trays or bowls for the longest time.

4. Richard Scarry's Storybook Dictionary -- I picked this up for a dollar at a consignment sale and it has become a household favorite! You wouldn't think a dictionary would be so interesting to kids, but they love it and beg me to read it to them all the time!

5. VTech kid's camera -- My girls received these for Christmas this year and love them! They love to take pictures like Mama and Daddy and be able to look at the them and play with them. The camera not only takes pictures, but you can add borders, stamps, and silly effects to them. The only downer for me is that the camera also has a few games and I'd rather my girls not get into that yet, but it hasn't been a problem for us yet. I'd say it is a little advanced for Karlie, but she still loves to play with it. I'd recommend it more for a 5 year old.

6. Jumbo Magnetos -- because these are magnetic, even Abbi can build with them and they are much too large for her to eat. I was a little disappointed that more did not come in the box, but the girls have had fun building with them and pretending that they are many different things.

7. Cutting up paint swatches from the hardware store. I'm not sure why it is so much fun, but every time Mark goes to Lowes or Home Depot, he has to bring home paint swatches for the girls. They love to cut them up and play "store" with them or give them to their favorite people.

8. This sticker book is awesome and Karlie would do it for hours if I let her!

9. We got this Animal Playtime book at the library and it has been a BIG hit!

10. Rhyme Bible Storybook -- Our favorite kid Bibles are the Big Picture Story Bible for little ones and the Jesus Storybook Bible for Preschoolers. We usually read through a chapter or two of one of them each night before bed until it is completed and then start the other. I found this Rhyme Bible Storybook at the library and the girls have loved it! Mark usually lets them try to finish each sentence and they have had a lot of fun with it. I definitely like the other two Bibles better, but this one has been a fun change of pace.

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